I love Mr. Morrie!♥️

Why did you die?😢😭

Tuesdays with Morrie is a non-fiction novel. It is the true story about sociologist Morrie Schwartz and his relationship with his students. The book mainly emphasis on the relationship of Morrie and his former student Mitch( author).

This book tell us about what a person can learn about the life during his last moments in the world through experiences and lessons by Morrie.

The author being Morrie’s student in college were very close to each other. They were like father and son. They spent most of the time together. On the day of graduation, Mitch gifted Morrie a briefcase and bid bye. Morrie asked him to remain in touch but he didn’t.

After sixteen years, Mitch learns about his coach’s disease and decides to meet him. He frequently met him on every Tuesday for approximately six months before coach’s death.

Coach discussed how he was feeling about his death. He taught Mitch some basic lessons and asked him to follow them.

The story is very inspirational and emotional. The title totally follows the storyline. I admire how Morrie had positive nature even though he was on death bed. This book brought smile and tears to my face. The book is based on realities of our society, how Morrie keeps positivity towards everything. I can’t express my feelings, how I felt reading this book.

♥️This book is love. Definitely a must read.

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