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Rabindranath Tagore was a bengali (indian) poet, writer and painter. He was born in 1861 and died in 1941. I must say he was a multi-tasker. He wrote dramas as well as short stories in an early age. He also wrote few novels, from which Gora is regarded as the best. Tagore was a creative composer, he wrote almost 2,200 songs. His songs are called RABINDRA SANGEET. At the age of sixty, Tagore turned up into painting, conducted various successful exhibitions of his work.

The best part about Tagore's work was his poetry. He wrote spiritual poems. Gitanjali is the best known collection of his poetry, for which he received Nobel Prize in LIterature in 1913. His poetic style was mainly classical, joyful, visionary and humorous.

Gitanjali, Song Offering is originally a collection of 156 Bengali poems by Rabindranath tagore. published in 1910. The english version of Gitanjali was published in 1912 which consisted of 53 translated poems and 50 other poems. Mostly everyone knows about Gitanjali but only a few people have read it. I read this poetry a couple of days ago and decided to write about it. Tagore's poems are really wonderful. Gitanjali is basically based on spiritual content, song offerings to god. The poems show how god fulfil one's wishes and protect them from devils. The poems are very short, joyful and thought inducing. They are so meaningful and soothing. The way poems are written is very lively, it feels like you are living in the moment. I really can't describe how i felt while reading this book as some of them are very deep with emotions. This book provided me internal happiness and peace to my soul. I don't have any words to describe his thoughts and imaginations.

This is one of the precious books ever read. Every literary person must read this book. This book is real joy.

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