Updated: Sep 8, 2020

So The girl on the train is a thriller fiction.

The story goes as the alcohalic woman, Rachel has broken up with her husband and has no place to stay so she stays with one of her university friend. She has no job and hide it from her friend. Everyday she takes same morning and evening trains to pretend that she still has a job. On the way she observes every surrounding and there is one house that she always see. She named the people living there as Jess and Jason. One day she sees Jess kissing some other man and is sure that it is not Jason. Next day, she hears that Meghan aka Jess is missing. And then she thinks of reporting everything to the police. Then all the mysterious things happen and changes everything.

No doubt the way, this book is written is amazing, no confusion.. nothing and has many emotional connections. The book has POV of three women. The storyline is good but there were some plots which I did not like. According to me, this book is a bit over-hyped. I did not enjoy reading it much.

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