Updated: Sep 8, 2020

💖The Forty Rules of Love is based on love, sufism, history and religion.

💖It is novel within novel. This novel tells about the two parallel story different from each other but connected in context to power of love. The story starts with Ella, who is assigned to write a review on a novel ‘Sweet Blasphemy’. She comes across connection between Shams of Tabriz and Rumi, how they completed each other with spiritual love and friendship, through this novel. She learns that she is lacking love in her life and how love can change her life completely.

💖Shams doesn’t give sermons just like Rumi, instead he gives forty sweet rules that can change one’s point of thinking. The storyline completely describes the title of the book.

💖Shams teaches us about kindness through which one can become a beautiful soul. This novel has so many lessons to adapt such as love, friendship, kindness, faith, forgiveness and many more. I admire Shams, how he transformed Rumi into a poet and how he tell stories to teach a particular lesson to all.

💖Shams was right. When one of the jar is broken, so is the other jar. Same way Rumi shattered after death of Shams. I adore the power of faith and love, how it changes and breaks a person.

💖Both the stories are well developed and described. They are very interesting where Ella is devoid of love and Shams and Rumi enjoy their spiritual relation.

💖All the characters are well developed and have shared their feelings accordingly. Shams’s rules will change your perspectives, you will fall in love with him through this journey.

💖The Forty Rules of love is a masterpiece. I am very happy to read such a novel by Elif Shafak which is very sophiticatedly told. This book made search for works of Rumi and I am definitely going to read them.

💖A must READ!💖

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