Updated: Sep 8, 2020

🗯As the title of the book suggests, this book is related to the Nuclear test ‘Smiling Buddha’ which took place in 1974.

🗯The main character of the book, Chaitanya is born without limbs due to the fallout from the nuclear test. He also lost his mother while giving him birth and was left a bit disturbed.

🗯On the other hand, his father decides to reveal the truth of the nuclear test’s fallout to avenge his lost. He tries to talk with the scientist behind the test, but he refuses about the fallout. And his this decision leads to his death.

🗯We also observe that how hard Chaitu worked for becoming a successful man. Always did good to others but he end up losing people close to his heart.

🗯Will he ever be able to seek revenge? Will he find happiness?

For that you need the read the book!😅

🗯I enjoyed reading this book. The plot is very inspiring and thrilling. Also I loved the research done by the author to talk about some diplomatic issues like gender inequality and role of media during that time of era. All the characters were well developed. The language too was very simple.

🗯Overall a good read!😊

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