Updated: Sep 8, 2020

☕️One of a kind is the kind you are—

There is no one else like you in the universe. Don’t hide in the crowd

Don’t try so hard to fit in

Allow your light to shine.

Your spark is unique,

Let it start fireworks and light up the night sky…

The world will then watch with awe and celebrate you.

☕️Espresso thoughts: When Coffee and Poetry comes together, is a collection of 8 short stories along with coffee as a partner. The stories are fictional as well as based on the real events. Each story is interwined with delightful poetic lines. Basically these stories represent various important values of our life like friendship, love, kindness, humanity and many more.

☕️The best part of each story is that it has Espresso Shots at the end which highlight the useful facts discussed in the story in context to life.

☕️The language in very simple and enjoyable. At no point I felt bored reading it. The title befits the storyline perfectly. The stories are very appealing. Each story has some lesson and true facts. I loved reading this book.

☕️I also liked the idea of the weird game SPLOSH!😍

☕️I recommend this book to everyone!

Hope you like it! Connect with me on instagram:

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