Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Circus Folks and Village Freaks is something very different. It has 18 folks with different storylines. Every single tale has some lesson in it. The way every single tale is written is so much special and extraordinary. The writing style is too humourous and captivating.

The title of the book is very precise. The title itself tells that the book does has something astonishing related to circus people and some freaks of the village. Basically this book, has several tales depicting people who are not accepted in the society due to their physical abnormalities. They are considered inferior and useless for the society. So many of them decide to join circus due to the cruel actions taken by the village people. By performing at different circus events, they gain respect for themselves and finally enjoy their lives. Though the book shows such abnormalities in people that they are very strange to happen in reality but still we should not discriminate people. It is not on them that they suffer from such abnormalities. Instead we should uplift them. It is a sort of book reading which you could never get bored. It is a joyful book. Every character in each poem is very unique. All the stories will lead you to the dark side of our world like caste, racism, class issues, superstitions, lack of feminism, untamed sexual desires.

It is a must read!😍❤

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