Circe is the daughter of the mighty God Helios, the living embodiment of the sun. She is born without any specific talents or powers. She doesn’t shine in the kingdom like her brothers and sisters.

However, gifts come in different forms and at different times. And most of the time they are neglected. Same happened with Circe, she had such a lovely power that her family overlooked it. They did not know the strength of her power. One day she discovers her attraction towards witchcraft, mainly transformation.

At the same time, she is exiled to a different island. Instead of losing herself, she finds that island as a paradise instead of prison. She finds the company of nature and animals and enjoys it. Centuries pass, and she comes across many important characters. She meets Odysseus, a man who changes her life and causes her to make a very powerful decision that leads this book into such an excellent conclusion. It is an emotional read based on fate.

This book offers fiction and a part of Greek folklore which make this book more rich and descriptive. When she met Prometheus, she had decided not to become like other gods. This is a book about finding a form of freedom. She didn't care about anything and instead lived her life in her way. I wish to be like her.

I loved this book. If you like reading about Greek mythology, then this is a must-read.


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