✨Women are not victims, they are survivors. They change their faces not their dreams, they destroy their profile, not their imperishable soul.✨

‘’Finding the right shade of lipstick is harder than finding concentrated acid.’’

‘’It takes 2 minutes to put on blush but only 3 seconds to scar a face.’’

‘’Why is a litre of concentrated acid sold cheaper than a 9ml eyeliner?’’

Over the last decade, India has been witnessing an alarming growth of acid attacks, especially on women. Acid violence is a heinous crime committed usually against women, intending to disfigure or kill them. It can also be called gender-based violence against women.

Being Reshma is a powerful read accounting for the life of Reshma, an acid attack survivor.

Reshma, the youngest of five children, an adventurous child and a trouble-maker for her family. She was born in a chawl in Mumbai and lived with her parents and siblings.

Due to some family crisis, her mother and her sisters had to move to a village in Uttar Pradesh. After reaching Mua Aima, her family married off her eldest sister Gulshan, to a monster, but her family was unaware of him being a devil.

Her brother in law ill-treated her sister and didn’t let her meet her children especially her son because the other child was a girl. But she ran off from there with both her kids and stayed with her mother and sisters. One day To take revenge on her sister he attacked Reshma with acid. From that very day in 2014, her life altered forever.

A big thanks to Ria and her NGO, Reshma’s story reached people. And this encouraged other girls facing such problems to come out and confront people. I wonder how many Reshmas are still suffering.

I read about this acid attack that time in 2014 on social media but didn’t know the real cause and afterlife of Reshma, how she handled everything. I’m glad that I came across her journey. It was a heart wrenching read but equally motivational.

Her willpower is an example for all the survivors. Instead of hiding, she accepted her destiny and turned it into a positive lifestyle. This story is not only about pain and suffering but about accepting the situations and moving onto some bigger things.

I highly recommend reading this book and supporting all the Reshmas. Stories of acid attacks should he heard.

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