Updated: Sep 27, 2020

What a heart warming book!🤩

Lallan sweets is set in 1995, in a small town Siyaka. Tara is the main character in this book. She runs The Ultimate Mathematics Tuition Centre. And also handles their family sweet shop, Lallan Sweets.

One day, her grandfather decides to retire from the shop and tells everyone that this shop will not be inherited instead it has to be earned. Taru has two cousins, Rohit and Mohit ( her uncle’s sons). And she has to compete against them for earning the shop. The task is to find the magical ingredient which is used to make the tasty ladoos.

Her childhood friend Nikhil joins her for the journey. They travel to many famous cities and performs various tasks so as to get hints to find the magical ingridient.

Will they find the magical ingredient? Who will earn the shop?

For this you will have to read this lovely book!😅

This book will give you lots of family drama, finding love, and laughter. The cover of the book is very appropriate. The way the story is described by the author is very unique and loving. Various twists in the plot makes the story intriguing. I liked the message conveyed through this book. The characters are well described. It is very light and an easy read.

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