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The book Anne of Green Gables is based on imagination, education, nature, stubbornness, home, religion and femininity.

It tells the story of an orphan girl sent by mistake to middle-aged siblings, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert.

The Cuthberts had planned to adopt a boy to help them with farm work, but as Matthew liked Anne and then they decided to keep her when they could see that they may be able to help her by offering her a real home.

The novel narrates Anne’s life as she grows up, attends school and then Queens College where she studies to become a teacher. It also depicts her growth in maturity and brings the story full-circle when she is able to help Marilla Cuthbert in her time of need as Marilla once helped her. The best thing about Anne was her imagination. Her imaginations made her life adventurous. It helped her in thriving her difficult times in her life. Nature also inspired her imagination as she gives name to various elements of nature such as the White Way of Delight and the Lake of Shining Waters. Anne being favorite in the novel has been very inspiring for me. She taught me to have some odd qualities and never think what others would feel for you. The novel has many best parts in it but I enjoyed and loved the one when Marilla accused Anne for stealing her precious brooch. And the very next day Anne had to go to the picnic for the very first time and Marilla would not let her go until she confessed that she had stolen the brooch. So, poor Anne lied that she had taken the brooch and had dropped it in the lake by mistake.She confessed but still Marilla would not let her go to the picnic. But when Marilla saw her brooch in her trunk. She felt bad and ashamed of that and she should have trusted Anne. Then she apologized to Anne and let her go to picnic. So I can say that Anne had an impulsive nature. She had starved for love in orphanage, but she did not get any and when she arrived at green gables she thought of being loved and having a proper home. However she did many stupid things but she always apologized and made everything normal. She was loved by everyone at the end. When she attained certain maturity, she was completely changed (never spoke much, no stupid things). It is well said by time everything changes so you should not worry much. I love Anne so much. I love Green Gables. I love Diana, I love Matthew and Marilla, later on I love Gilbert. THIS BOOK IS PURE JOY.♥️

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