This is the other book I have read by Khaled Hosseini. Like his last book, The Kite Runner, this too is wonderful. It is full of emotions and is very heartbreaking book.

This book is basically based on hope, importance of sacrifice, importance of family and rights of women.

A Thousand Splendid Suns is a novel discussing about the experiences of two Afghan women. The older, Mariam is born as an illegitimate child in poverty and her younger peer Laila, is born to educated parents in Kabul. Some misfortunes bring the two of them together in an unexpected way. They both have use use their kindness, cleverness and specially their deep friendship to survive.

This book reflects the deep friendship among Mariam and Laila, as Mariam being the most tragic character makes this book stunning; a story of love and strength. She didn't had an easy life, is touched by the love of Laila and her children. In return, she she performs a supreme act of love and saves her family.

As a woman, I feel blessed to be give several opportunities to live my life on my own according to my wish. I can't even imagine the sufferings of Mariam and Laila. Though they didn't have much support like I have. And still they survived.

This book is a pure love. I can't express myself how overwhelmed I felt reading such book.

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