Updated: Sep 8, 2020

A CHRISTMAS CAROL is a book based upon kindness, charity, love, generosity, respect and Christmas spirit.😍

So mainly this prose or story is about a man named Ebenezer Scrooge, who is visited by his former friend Jacob Marley and the Christmas spirits of past, present and yet to come. After the visits of the spirits he completely changes into a generous man. ❤️

Scrooge is a cold hearted man and a bit greedy. He doesn’t care about the feelings of other people.😞 He never even spoke well with his family and relatives. Once on the eve of Christmas his nephew, Fred invited him to a family dinner so that his mood could change but he refused him and spoke in an ill-mannered way.

But then he is visited by the spirits. The past spirits took him to his childhood memories where he enjoyed with his sister, how happy he was, how he spent his time with his family. The present spirit took him to his employee’s house, where he was shown the condition of his family, how his crippled son was struggling to live and informed him if the future isn’t changed he may even die. He also visited the party at Fred’s. So at last the yet to come spirit visit him and show him several scenes showing that after the death of a person everyone is amused instead of grieving. He also tells him the tiny Tim (his employee’s son is also dead). Then is too learns that he is dead and his death has only pleased people.

So from these visits he learns about changing his nature that is talking to everyone in a good way, thinking good for others, involving with his family, and never ignore anyone. And these visits did change him.😊

The best part of this novel was obviously the time when he changed himself. ❤️ He gave smile to everyone and was friendly to every person he meets. On the eve of Christmas, he sends a turkey to his employee’s house, gives generous amount of donation to the charity, people whom he has insulted before and he also went for dinner party at Fred’s. Next day he even raised his employee’s salary. From that day onward, he never visited any spirits and kept the spirits of Christmas alive.😍

This book may help many people to give up greed and selfishness. Every person either young or old must read this book and learn some core values form this book. 👍🏻👏🏻

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